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Google Source to Establish Educational Technology

Google is one of the largest search engines in the internet. Many kinds of thing can we find there. It starts from the most specific one until the most common one. This system is so useful and widely used by lots of people. By only typing the name of things that we want to find, Google will simply provides lots of information for us. By using it, we can learn lots of thing and broaden up our mind. Educational system really needs this system. It is really recommended for educational system to apply the help of Google in the teaching learning process. By then, the educational system can be improved and get better quality.

Google contribution for students

These kinds of search engine will help students in knowing more about the materials that they have known yet. In some cases, explanation from the teacher are not clear enough for the students, here students can ask the assistance from this search engine to get more information about the material that they want to know.

Google contribution for teachers

Google gives great contribution for teacher to enhance the quality of the teaching process. By search the information from this search engine. Teacher can get lots of interesting method that they can use to improve their teaching process. This is really useful for the teacher indeed.

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