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Multimedia as the Support for Educational Technology

A school is a place to held educational process. There must be teacher, students and also class. There, educational process is held. Teacher transfer his or her knowledge to the students. Then, students absorb it into their minds. The process of digesting the knowledge is not that easy. Some students feel it difficult to absorb the material given by their teacher. Thus, teacher is now trying to use such advance method to make their students easier in getting the materials.

Multimedia to complete school system

One of the methods which is proven to give effective learning for the students is by using multimedia. By the help of this sophisticated technology, students will be more encourage in joining the teaching process. These kinds of media will complete the gap between students and teacher within the school system. By using this multimedia, the school process can run smoothly. This multimedia can be in the form of television, computer, audio speaker, LCD projector and many more.

Multimedia in establishing better learning

Those kinds of multimedia tools is believed to create new atmosphere in the learning process, by having such this condition, students can be more motivated and easier in grasping the material. It subsequently can create better learning in the educational system.

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